BOWIENEXT - Interviews, memories and anecdotes about our Starman

Has David Bowie really left us? One would be inclined to think he did not, after seeing the myriad of initiatives that have taken place in his name or have been inspired by his work since 10th January 2016. Italy made its own contribution with Rita Rocca’s film BOWIENEXT, which was first broadcast by RAI 5 and later made available for streaming on RAI Play. There is no doubt that BOWIENEXT is truly a labour of love on the part of its director who, using the web and social media, has collected video contributions dedicated to Bowie - short films, animations, life stories, theatrical performances, performance art and original music - sent from fans the world over. A project of international ambition, over the course of two years BOWIENEXT has become increasingly richer, with the addition of interviews with musicians or artists who knew Bowie and with music critics who had studied his oeuvre in depth.  This book, apart from being a companion for BOWIENEXT the film, aims at presenting much more complete a picture, including interview extracts, images, lyrics, poems and short stories, all of which, for reasons of time constraints and content consistency, couldn’t be included in the film itself. Much like the film, though, the book is a sort of ‘cut-up’, which one hopes will be equally, if differently, enjoyable. 


Illustration cover by  Pat Fortini @Once Upon a Time in my Mind Project

Rita Rocca

Rita Rocca is a RAI journalist, director, film maker and special correspondent for political talk shows such as Bruno Vespa’s ‘Porta a Porta’ (Door to Door) and Giovanni Floris’ ‘Ballaro’ as well as the daily ‘Vita in Diretta’ (Life in Real Time) with Michele Cucuzza. As well as that, she is that author of several documentaries in the RAI Educational series ‘Planet Energy’, and she was a documentary maker for the RAI 3 shows ‘C’era una Volta’ (Once Upon a Time) and ‘Scala Mercalli’ (Mercalli Scale). As a filmmaker, she made a short film on the topic of paedophilia in the Church entitled ‘La Valigetta’ (The Briefcase), which won the 60 Seconds Prize, and the future fiction Eudaymonia (Trieste Science Fiction Festival). In 2016 she won the Alfredino Rampi literary prize for the short story ‘Io posso volare’ (I can fly). She is currently a radio presenter and GR RAI news journalist. 

Francesco Donadio

Francesco Donadio is a writer and researcher, as well as a radio content author for AND Kronos and RAI Isoradio. Furthermore, he is a regular contributor to the music magazines Classic Rock Italia and Vinile as well as co-editor in chief of Extra! Music Magazine (, which is in fact his brainchild. As well as that, he has published several books on the subject of music, among which the essays ‘Rock Teddy Boys’ and ‘Cyberpunk’ published by Editori Ruiniti and the one on ‘Edorado Bennato’, are noteworthy. Additionally, he penned ‘Venderó la mia Rabbia’ (I will sell my anger), ‘David Bowie. Fantastic Voyage. Testi Commentati’ (David Bowie. Fantastic Voyage. Annotated texts) and ‘David Bowie. L’Arte di Scomparire’ (David Bowie. The Art of Disappearing), published by Arcana respectively in 2011, 2013 and 2017.

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