“Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know...“

The Creators Project has posted a piece about a wonderful tribute to David Bowie in the shape of a stop-motion animation of Life On Mars?, by French artist and musician, Gladys Hulot, a.k.a. Hyrtis. (http://smarturl.it/GladyShulot) The work that has gone into this piece is remarkable and it's worth exploring the video almost frame by frame, such is the quality of the art. The visual is accompanied by a haunting instrumental version of the song, also created by Hyrtis, where the vocal melody is played on a saw. Hyrtis told Emerson Rosenthal of The Creators Project: “I made the arrangement with piano and concrete sounds modified with Reason, and played the musical saw on this cover. I have to say that David Bowie is incredibly important for me: he pulls me forward as an artist. I don’t know if he already knows this work.“ Well this is a step closer to him finding out about it, Gladys. 

Read the full article here: http://smarturl.it/CreatorsProjectLOM 

FOOTNOTE: This is not the first time The Creators Project has presented a re-worked version of Life On Mars? See our piece on DavidBowie.com from 2011: http://smarturl.it/BNetCreatorsLOM

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